Coming Back After Injury

Lessons from a not-your-average nine-mile run

coming back after injury

Coming back after injury isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s usually filled with challenges, stress, and occasionally (at least in my case) a few tears. However, today was a special run for me in a journey that has lasted five months (so far, and it’s far from over).  I wanted to share a couple observations, in…

A Mom’s First 5K

Why Running is Better with Friends

mom's running club 5k

What does it look like to get to watch a mom’s first 5K? This weekend was a race called the LIDS Mad Hatter 5K.  For some of the moms in Mom’s Running Club, it was their first 5K, either ever, or in a very long time.  I had been thinking on how to share a…

Spring Session Starts April Third!

Our next session for Mom’s Running Club begins April 3rd! If you’ve been even a little bit curious, the video series below will give you tons of info, but also a great taste of how we operate.  You’ll learn our values, how we care for one another and support one another to achieve our goals,…

Three Common Rookie Fitness Mistakes

And easy ways to avoid them

common rookie fitness mistakes

When we’re talking about rookie fitness mistakes, I just want to say this right out of the gate:  if you’ve committed these mistakes, you are in good company!  We want to get moving, we want to get results, and these are only good things!  So, as with everything Mom’s Running Club:  no judgment.  If you…