Coming Back After Injury

Lessons from a not-your-average nine-mile run

coming back after injury

Coming back after injury isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s usually filled with challenges, stress, and occasionally (at least in my case) a few tears. However, today was a special run for me in a journey that has lasted five months (so far, and it’s far from over).  I wanted to share a couple observations, in…

A Mom’s First 5K

Why Running is Better with Friends

mom's running club 5k

What does it look like to get to watch a mom’s first 5K? This weekend was a race called the LIDS Mad Hatter 5K.  For some of the moms in Mom’s Running Club, it was their first 5K, either ever, or in a very long time.  I had been thinking on how to share a…

Spring Session Starts April Third!

Our next session for Mom’s Running Club begins April 3rd! If you’ve been even a little bit curious, the video series below will give you tons of info, but also a great taste of how we operate.  You’ll learn our values, how we care for one another and support one another to achieve our goals,…