Delicious Quinoa Salad

Cathy's go-to meal prep recipe from the Fixate cookbook


Happy Friday!! I hope you are ready to launch into an excellent weekend. In my house, I go shopping on Fridays and use the weekend to prep food. By the time I get to Sunday night the fridge is filled with food that we can combine in different ways for our weeknight meals and packed…

Commit to Live Out Your Awesome

from Cori

Commit to live out your awesome

Even though the official start of fall isn’t for a few more days, most of us think of fall as fully in play once we pass Labor Day.  And we think that fall is the perfect time to live out your awesome! Now that pretty much all of us have our kids back in school,…

How Moms Can Get More Sleep

(At each stage of your children's lives)

how moms can get more sleep

Today, as we round out our Back to School Series, we are turning our attention to sleep.  We all crave it, love it, and many of us have a tumultuous challenging relationship with sleep. So let’s talk about it- specifically, how moms can get more sleep, at each and every stage of your children’s lives.…

Healthy Veggie Dip

Healthy Veggie Dip

Since I am working on a healthy after school snacks post, I thought I’d take a moment to put together our favorite healthy veggie dip.  I make this for every get-together, and always get great compliments on it.  Everyone inevitably asks, “is this healthy?” because they know me and how much I love to eat,…

Making Peace with Dinner Time

by Cathy

Make Peace with Dinner Time

There is nothing that causes moms more frustration than preparing food for the kiddos that gets rejected. Oh, and by “rejected” I mean: spit out, scrunched up nose, plate pushed away, yelling, screaming, tears. And I have gotten all of these reactions from my (most-of-the-time) adorable little munchkins. I know you’re feeling me here. I…

Five Steps to Find Time for Fitness

by Cathy

Find time to exercise

We are all so busy—work, family, household responsibilities. Don’t even get me started on dishes and laundry!! The back-to-school time of year can exacerbate all of it. It seems impossible to find time for fitness, yet you can’t do the things you want to do in your life if you don’t care for yourself and…

Back to School Nutrition for Busy Moms

from Cori

Back to school nutrition for busy moms

With school starting, it seems like mom nutrition really goes one of two ways.  It rarely stays the same. Back to school nutrition for busy moms usually is either: We buckle down and are excited to be back in a routine, to make a plan, and to feel more in control of our eating.  We are more…